Dear wonderful, wonderful, wonderful reader, thank you for reading this.

I pray that you are happy, healthy, joyous and free, and enjoying all the beauty of this God given sober life.

I love writing, and AA has allowed me to develop this side of my many varied activities. I write about lots of things, but particularly about my time in AA, and the development of my spirit or my spiritual development since my first meeting.

I also love writing about the beautiful God inspired wonderful spiritual message of the Big Book.

My life has certainly changed in so many ways since coming to AA, in all cases for the better, and God willing, these writings reflect this.

Picking up the ‘spiritual tools’ or spiritual suggestions of AA, and then doing the wonderful twelve steps with the guidance of a wonderful, fantastic sponsor has been a truly wonderful experience.

This has allowed me to not only stay happily sober since my first meeting, over seventeen years ago, but also to develop a wonderful relationship, with a Higher Power or God of my own understanding.

This site therefore, created under my sponsor’s guidance, gives me, the opportunity to present things that I love to write about, to a bigger audience. I pray you enjoy it.

What I tend to do, is to take a sentence or more from the beautiful God inspired Big Book, and then write a little poem, or some words about it. I pray this meets, with your approval.

Anyway God bless you all, and may we pray that lovely AA does happily and healthily spiritually grow and glow. Your always in my prayers, in fact everyone in the world is in my prayers these days, God bless, Dennis.

PS. Anything I write, please feel free to use or pass on. Thanks once again, and God bless.

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